PhuthaLichaba is a Savings and Lending cooperative, registered under the Department of Cooperatives in the Ministry of Small Businesses (its temporary but official name is Roma Savings and Credit Society). It is one of the many businesses being incubated under…


Pius May be dead but his memory lives to time indefinite!


This poem does not make sense

The phonetic do not relate to the phonological
The phonological do not give birth
to syntactic complexities
which in turn does not breed semantic realities

Let me tell you a story that began
70 years ago or rather…


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Baqapi qapang le nqapele
Le qape lirobe le qape liroto


Her hands are magical! When Lineo Lichaba, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) trained cake guru touches flour, she makes the kind of cakes that reveal rarest skill and passion. Their taste takes you to the seventh heaven.

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They may as well be the first to produce pencils, especially pencils from waste paper in Lesotho. Tefo Koloko and Libuseng Visser, the two passionate National University of Lesotho (NUL) graduates have created a company called Pasa Productions to commercialise waste paper pencils.…


Shebella lenaneo lena ka 7.00 pm kajeno (Lebobeli lala 17 December 2019). Ke lenaneo la tsa mahlale, le tlo u fa leseli ka litaba tsa Science, Technology le Innovation (STI) Lesotho.

Tlhophiso ea lenaneo lena e etelletsoe pele ke Professor Mosotho George ho hlaha NUL 'me e ts'…


Mr Lebona 'Moleli's beer is called Mohope. He did Biology and Chemistry at the National University of Lesotho (NUL).

This is what they have to say about their hot brew making waves in Mzanzi.

"Mohope Brew is a 100% black owned brewing company based in Johannesburg South…


Vertical Cropping is the future. “As the name itself suggests,” says the excited Zamikhaya Shoene, who is part of the National University of Lesotho (NUL) Innovation Hub team developing this project, “instead of growing food sideways on the land, as we often do, we grow it upwards.”…


No doubt about it. So why not inbox them?


Their sweets are enjoyed by adults and children alike. They are no normal sweets. They are tasty, soft, chewy, and could be adding to your health—in one package! Yes, they are exceptionally delicious—so they sell like hotcakes!

Catch them here: +266 59979280/+266 62102003…


Inbox them at Chem Cleaner Pty Ltd


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Business proposals for the second phase of the NUL Innovation…


Libaka tseo oka fumanang Boreleli products:

1. Southline Fast Food.

2. Lifefo Super Market.

3. Resturant e lifemeng pakeng tsa Mapoleseng le Thetsane Hardware.

4. Mookoli opposite Engine Garage pela ATM,
Maseru Private Hospital.

5. Joy…


The National University of Lesotho (NUL) Innovation Hub is happy to introduce another milestone, an amazing tea by Joalane Mohale and ‘Matsomoli Mokhele, the NUL graduates. The Hub is now incubating Bolepo tea. It is a delicious and healing tea made from maize silk (Bolepo ba poone).…



Ena ke eona feela company eo e leng ts'epo ea rona.

Enrich Holdings ke company ea Basotho eo u ka bang karolo ea eona ka seabo sa hau.

Ke company e bokeletsang capital ka liabo ho tla bula world-class chain of supermarkets and garages. Next year e…


Professor Angel Vassilev Nikolov, National University of Lesotho


We develop an analytical model of multiprocessor with private caches and shared memory and obtain the following results: the…


Fumana PAVING ea maemo a holimo e entsoeng ke litsibi ka theko tse tlaase bo ts'osang. Pela e ne e hloke mohatla ke ho romeletsa.

Call: +266 58539177 or +266 68475816