N. P. Rapapa & M. Fabiane (National University of Lesotho)


We consider corrections to scaling within an approximate theory developed by Mazenko for nonconserved order parameter in the limit of low (d → 1) and high (d → ∞) dimensions. The…


Dr Tebello Mahamo and the team


Four new (pyrazol-1-yl)phenylmethanone ligands and their palladium(II) complexes were synthesized and characterized by various analytical techniques. The electronic properties of substituents on the phenyl ring of the ligand have…



Mapasane Lephoto - Librarian - National University of Lesotho




Setšabi Setšabi & Resetselemang Clement Leduka I Department of Geographical and Environmental Sciences I The National University of Lesotho


The Consumer Science and Hospitality of the Faculty of Agriculture – National University of Lesotho (NUL) is an undergraduate programme aimed at providing both national and international students with higher quality education through full time studies.

The programme is designed…



T W Mothae, G Mosweu, K H Thinyane, and T V Mohlabula I National University of Lesotho




Dr T. Thamae, Dr. Z. Thamae and Mr. R. Thamae I National University of Lesotho



Asita Okorie Asita, Thabang Rants’o, Sibusisiwe Magama and Matsepo Taole I Department of Biology I National University of Lesotho


Thank you all who participated. Although a few took the prizes, you are all winners. A 24 hr coding marathon needs the stamina of epic proportions!

Thank you so much!


NUL campus is cool. In fact it is cooler than most campuses you will see in you lifetime (despite some of them being more fancy). Mr Molebatsi Ntja, the former National University of Lesotho (NUL) Director of Campus Services has contributed a lot to the coolness of this campus.



Dr. Fako J. Likoti I Department o f Politics and Administrative Studies I National University o f Lesotho





The National university of Lesotho (NUL) International Science, Technology and Innovation Conference and Expo (NULSTICE) is a biannual event meant to:

1. Showcase products and ideas by NUL students, graduates and staff
2. Update the public on the university’s relevance…


The Faculty of Law at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) will hold a public Lecture on the theme “Mandate of Ombudsman in Administration of Justice in Lesotho:Lessons from the Office of the Public Protector South Africa”. Amongst the issues to be discussed in this lecture are:…


Exactly 1 year ago in this day,14th November, 2018, the National University of Lesotho Innovation (NUL) Hub was launched by His Majesty the King. A year later, the Hub is continuing to make waves across the country.

The approach is simple: Effectiveness, Concentration,…


Dr ‘Masechaba Mokhathi-Mbhele, the National University of Lesotho (NUL) linguist and the author of the book “Sesotho Personal Names as Minimal Pairs”, argues that Basotho have a tendency to give personal names that come in opposites to their children (she calls these names Lihanani (…